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Congratulations on making the decision to build your family through adoption. Whether you are adopting your spouse’s child from a prior relationship, adopting a grandchild or a relative’s child, or adopting one of the many waiting children in Texas or worldwide, we wish you all the best on the adventure of parenthood.

Fort Worth attorney Chloe Chartier is here to help with your adoption,  call 817-576-6537.

Private Adoption In Texas

In a private adoption, the mother and adoptive parents are not using an adoption agency to handle to adoption process but are instead working through an attorney. At Johnson McNulty, we handle private adoption proceedings for:

  • Step-parent adoptions, including adoption for same-sex couples
  • Grandparent adoptions
  • Aunt/uncle adoptions, or family friend adoptions
  • Private placement where a birthmother chooses the adoptive parents

Even if you are adopting a child that is related to you, you will still need to go through a home study process where the state determines that you are able to provide a safe, nurturing and loving home for the child.

You and the birth mother will need to decide what kind of adoption you want – an open or a closed adoption:

  • In a closed adoption, the adoption records are sealed and the child does not know who their birth parents are unless the birth parents chooses to make that information public. The birth parent has no contact with the child.
  • In an open adoption, the adoptive parents and the birth parents decide together how much openness they want. The child may be given information about his/her birth mother; the birth mother may visit the child.

Adoption attorney Chloe Chartier will file an adoption petition with family court and will go to court with you to make your case to the judge.

Termination of Parental Rights: Agreeing to terminate one’s parental rights can be emotionally difficult for birth parents, but it usually goes smoothly in the end. However, there are times when a birth parent chooses to fight the adoption. Brenna represents adoptive parents in proceedings to terminate parental rights.

Adoption Agency’s in Texas

Even if you work with a Texas adoption agency to handle all the paperwork with your domestic or international adoption, you will need a lawyer to finalize the adoption paperwork with the court. We’re happy to help you with this last step in the process of becoming a family. Contact our Fort Worth office to schedule an appointment. Call 817-576-6537.

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Megan Williams
Megan Williams
I can’t say thank you to Jeff, Chloe, and Lupe at Johnson, Loyd & Schmitz, PLLC enough. Jeff’s skillful practice in the courtroom, cognizant strategies to decrease financial burdens, and everyone’s time and diligence in preparation have been amazing. They always answer phone calls and emails with a quick and knowledgeable response. The whole office has been very kind and empathetic towards me despite my sometimes exhausted and emotionally wrecked communications. The whole group shows that they truly care and fight for their families. I can’t recommend this group enough. So very thankful for them!!
Miss Muggwamp
Miss Muggwamp
Easy location to find. Very friendly & helpful. Great attorneys especially D. Wright. Ive known him for over 20 years He has the experience you need for all areas of laws – civil, probate and family. He and the other attorneys plus support staff we’re very sympathetic while assisting me in probating my parents estate.
Dwayne Belkowski
Dwayne Belkowski
Best attorneys in town for Family law. Highly recommend.
Larry Wuzhere
Larry Wuzhere
A few months ago I found myself to be a target of the one of the most oppressive and powerful entities in the Texas government- The Office of the Attorney General- Child Support Division. This out of control entity has little to no oversight and is empowered to wreck lives with NO REPERCUSSIONS. I tried to find someone in the OAG management to help correct the situation but that only escalated the attack against me and my livelihood. They seized my bank accounts and and placed liens against my property. Fortunately for me I turned to the law firm of Johnson, Loyd and Schmitz. Mr. Johnson put together a legal plan of action and moved quickly to provide relief to my situation. I put my trust and future into his hands, and just as David slew the Mighty giant Goliath-so Mr Johnson brought the mighty Office of the Attorney General to its knees. My life and property are now secure from improper confiscation and harassment from this entity. Thank you Mr Johnson you were truly a God send when my future was bleak at best. A grateful client, Larry Morris
Virgil Martinez
Virgil Martinez
I recently was looking for a family law attorney and sent in a request for consultation with Johnson, Loyd, & Schmitz. I was contacted by Jeff who was amazing. He wasn’t pushy and he was extremely personable. He guided me and gave me the advice I needed. I would recommend anyone to call on this team if they are in need of legal services. Thank you guys and if I need any legal services again I will be coming back!

* Johnson Loyd & Schmitz was a previous law firm that is now Johnson McNulty, Attorneys At Law.